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Given here is information about pajama party planning ideas. Read and know how to plan slumber party.

Pajama Party Planning

A pajama party is probably the simplest party of all. Apart from being simple, the party is very easy to organize, as it doesn't require much preparations, unless your guests are very young kids. All you need is call on your friends; get some snacks to munch, sleeping bags, pillows, music and some movies to watch, as your friends sleepover. Although it sounds to be very easy to organize a pajama party, it is always advisable to take one step at a time, so that you do not end up in a mess. By doing it systematically, you will ensure that the party is conducted smoothly, without much of a hassle. Here in this article, we have provided some useful ideas and tips for planning a pajama party.

Pajama Party Planning Tips & Ideas

The first step, while planning to organize a pajama party, is to send invitations. You may invite your friends for the party over telephone or send simple SMS text messages. If you want to maintain the tradition, get some invitation cards printed for the same. You may adorn the invitation cards with illustrations regarding the sleepover theme, such as pajamas, pillows, sleeping faces with 'zzz', nightgowns, beds and sleeping bags. You may get clip art printed for the same.

Transform your bedroom into an attractive venue for pajama party by decorating it with balloons, streamers and ribbons. Welcome your guests by sticking a small banner at the door of your bedroom. Hang bunches of balloons here and there, throughout the room. You may also decorate the room according to a theme. Some of the popular pajama party themes are teddy bears and movie stars.

Food And Drink
You do not have to arrange a lavish buffet - after all, it is a pajama party! Have some snacks and finger foods to munch, while entertaining yourself. You may serve sandwich, potato chips, spring rolls, pretzels, cream rolls, fruit salad. Keep a simple breakfast for the next morning like smoothies, omelets, sandwiches, donuts, pancakes in fun shapes, Fruit salad and dry cereal, eggs and Canadian bacon etc. For the drink, you may include orange/mango juices or milk shakes. Hard, alcoholic drinks are advisable only for adult pajama parties.

At a pajama party, you can have loads and loads of entertainment without spending much. Pillow fights and games like truth/dare are good means to pass the time and have an enthralling sleepover. Have some good movies to select from and loads of snacks to munch, while entertaining yourself and your friends.

Extend your sincere thanks to your friends for having an exciting sleepover, by giving them party favors, the next morning. You may present them keepsakes, pillow cases, bath towels, food and drink basket, fruit basket etc, as they depart from your home.