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Giving out unique pajama party favors is the best way to thank your friends for coming over. Check out ideas for slumber party favors.

Pajama Party Favors

Pajama party is a wonderful occasion to spend a relaxing time with your friends. The best way to thank your friends for accepting your invitation and attending your pajama party is by giving them favors. Favors are small gifts that would always remind them of the wonderful time they had spent at your place. While choosing the party favors for your friends, ensure that you have made the right choice. The favors should be able to convey your gratitude to your friends, for enjoying your party to the fullest. In case you have run out of ideas for pajama party favors, this article is what you need. Given here are unique favors for slumber party.

Unique Favors For Slumber Party

Photo Frames
To frame the memories of the sleepover, purchase some photo frames and insert the pictures that you have clicked at the party. Gift-wrap the photo frames and send it to your friends.

You may give cupcakes to your guests, as a way to show your thankfulness for gracing the party with their presence. Purchase some cute-shaped vanilla or chocolate flavored cupcakes and wrap them in cellophane papers.

Pillowcase can be a thoughtful favor for your pajama party guests. Purchase mid-size pillowcase for the purpose. You may also personalize the favor by printing group photograph of the sleepover party and then present it to your friends.

T- Shirt
You may customize t-shirts by getting the pictures of the pajama party printed on the cloth. Visit a local custom t-shirts outlet and get the needful done. Ensure that the picture, thus printed, is clear.

Truth or Dare Card Game
Truth or dare card game is a very rare item that people choose as a favor for slumber party. This fact makes it a unique favor to bestow upon your friends, at the end of the pajama party.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars
A nice way to remind your friends about the exciting moments of the pajama party is to present them glow-in-the-dark stars. You may also choose smiley that glows in the dark. Every time your friends come across the gift, they would remember the special time that they have spent with you, at the pajama party.

You may choose inexpensive fun-shaped sunglasses as the pajama party favor for yourfriends. When you are choosing inexpensive ones, ensure that they are protective enough to the eyes.

Lip Gloss
A lip gloss would be the best bet for girls, as it is one of the essentials in the make-up kit. As far as boys are concerned, you may choose lip balms with flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or mint.

Fun shaped caps can be chosen as the pajama party favor for your friends. Fun-shaped caps are available for different sizes and price range. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to make a good choice.