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Pajama party games are a great way to enjoy with friends. Check out these ideas for slumber party games.

Pajama Party Games

Pajama parties are very exciting occasions for kids, teens and young adults alike. Everyone looks forward to have loads of fun with each other on pajama party. Kids enjoy just about any game for slumber party and are sure to be amused and excited, when you organize fun activities for them, on the occasion. In case you are looking for some party game ideas for exciting games, this article is just for you. We bring you a variety of pajama party game ideas that are easy to organize and fun to play.

Pajama Party Game Ideas

Sleeping Bag Race
This is a fun game wherein you need two sleeping bags that should be placed at the end of the room. The bags should be opened at the top. In case you have sleeping bags of two different colors, divide the players into two teams like team blue and team pink. Start the game, when they are ready. As soon as you say "Go", the first players of the each team have to race till the sleeping bag, get inside completely, hold the position for half a minute, get out and come back running. As soon as the player is back, the next player of the teams races and so on. The team that finishes first is declared winner.

Pass the Pillow
'Pass the Pillow' is similar to "Pass the Parcel". The players sit around in a circle and pass a pillow that is stuffed with small chits of paper on which a certain activity is written. Allot someone to play some soft, yet peppy background music. The moment the music stops, the participants should stop passing the pillow. The person with the pillow has to take out one chit of paper and perform the activity that is mentioned. Give something simple and fun like reciting a poem, singing, acting like an animal, etc. If he/she does the activity without any fuss and mistakes, give a small gift or reward.

Musical Sleeping Bags
Make adequate space in the room, in order to arrange sleeping bags in a circle. There should be one less sleeping bag than the number of participants. This game is played just like musical chairs. Play some music and ask the players to walk around in a circle. Stop the music suddenly and watch them rush to the next available sleeping bag! To make the game even more fun, tell them they don't just have to sit on the bag, but also have to crawl inside it!

Make Over
Divide the participants into teams of two. One has to apply make up on the other player and make it look as neat as possible. The team to finish first is the winner. Give them certain cosmetics like lipsticks, blush-on, eye-liner, etc, to put on the make-up. To make it even more fun, arrange for funky costumes that are to be worn immediately after the make-up, without spoiling it! The game is real fun, if organized properly.