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Check out our fun party games and take ideas about the games to play at parties.

Party Games

The best way to enliven any party is by organizing fun party games, which not only lighten the mood of the guests, but also rids you of the boredom, if any! They also help the guests bond well and break the ice, thus making everyone comfortable. So, if you are planning to throw a party, decide on a couple of games that will help you pass time and give people something to remember and talk about, for many days to come.

With some imagination and creativity thrown in, you can come up with many party game ideas that are sure to be a hit with all your guests. However, the kind of game you are deciding entirely depends on the kind of party you are going to have. You wouldn't play birthday games at a bachelor's party or Valentine's Day games at Retirement party! Still, there are a couple of interesting party games that are general in nature and can grace almost any and every party. Check out some of our party game ideas that conform to this norm.

Fun Party Games

Dumb Charades
Perhaps the most common party game of all is the dumb charades. This one game can be played at just about any party. Your game can be based on any theme. It could be Hollywood movies, famous celebrities, famous quotes or animals, in case you have tiny toddlers as your guests.

Guess the Tune
This is a very popular game that is played in parties. Form a group and ask each person to get up and hum a tune. The one who gets it right the fastest gets a small prize. The next song has to be hummed by that winner and everyone else gets the chance to guess it.

Question Hour
This is yet another popular game that is played at parties. Everyone sits around in a circle and any one person asks a question to the participant sitting on his/her left side. You can play this game clockwise or anti-clockwise. The person to whom a question has been asked has to respond by asking another question to the next person and the game goes on. A person is declared out if he/she: responds to the question, starts laughing, repeats the question or goes blank for more than 8 seconds.

Board / Card Games
If you are having just close friends or a limited number of people in your party, the best way to pass time is by playing those ever-amusing board games, like Scrabble and Monopoly. They are fun and one can pass hours by playing these games. Even cards are a great option, provided your guests know how to play different card games.

Spelling Bee
This is another one of the games that can be played at almost any party. One of the players becomes the question master and asks the players to spell a series of words. The moments a person misspells, he/she is out of the game. The player who is left not-out till the last is declared the winner.