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Office party games add fun to the environment and are a great ice breaker. Check out ideas for office party games.

Office Party Games

Games are the perfect way to get your office party started. They not only bring the element of fun and frolic, but also enliven the ambience instantly. Remember, not everyone would feel comfortable opening up all of a sudden and enjoy the party. So, the best way to make sure that everyone else is comfortable is by having some fun games as starters. It helps people to mingle with each other more freely and without any restraints. Games effectively bring out the 'child' in every person. If you are looking for ideas for office party games, read through the following lines.

Ideas For Office Party Games

Question Hour
The objective of this game is to ask questions and answer back in the form of a question. Anyone who answers in the form of a statement or answers with a Yes / No or takes too much time in asking a question back is considered out of the game. It is a fun game that can turn hilarious at times.

Who Am I?
A typical guessing game, you can base this game on any theme like Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities or famous singers. Have some stick on notes with yourself. Write the name of a famous personality on it and stick it at the back of a person's shirt. That person should not know which name has been written. The objective of the game is to go around asking questions to others about this mysterious personality and guess who you are.

Musical Chairs
A very simple and popular game, the musical chairs game is something that is played at almost every party. Arrange chairs in a circle and keep one chair less than the number of people there. Start the music and make sure everyone moves around at a steady speed. As soon as the music is stopped, people must try to occupy the chair closest to them. The last one left without a chair is out of the game.

Though a typical game of any party, bingo can be really a fun way to see all your seniors turn into children again. You can arrange for small prizes for anyone who gets a straight line, four corners and the full house. These rewards can be really cute like coffee mugs, flasks, pen sets, gift certificates, etc.

Famous Movie One Liners
A game that carries a lot of excitement, movie one liners can surely be puzzling as well as interesting. For the game, you need to write down famous bits of quotes from movies, in advance. In the party, read out these quotes one at a time, while your colleagues have a hard time guessing which movie it is from. Whoever guesses the most becomes the winner. You can spice up the game by giving extra point to the person who guessed, if he/she names the character, actor or actress who said it.