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Bachelor's party games are always a fun way to celebrate the last day of bachelorhood. Check out ideas and activities for your bachelor party.

Bachelor Party Games

Bachelor party means drinking and having lot of fun, the whole night, with your buddies. It helps the would-be groom enjoy the last few days of his freedom and careless life. You can even make the party even more interesting by adding a few games, which will help bring a little extra laughter to the group. Bachelor party games are intended to make the atmosphere lighter, especially for the groom, who is going to step into a new world very soon. By adding games to the party, you would surely add to the fun quotient. There are tons of games that you can plan for your bachelor party. In case you need any help in this regard, check out the following lines. We have listed a number of games, which will be perfect for playing on a bachelor party.

Bachelor's Party Game Ideas

Brides Apartment Key
Pass out old keys at the beginning of the party to everyone, except the groom. Now, during the party, one man should make a speech about how the bride has made her choice and anyone who still has a key to her apartment should give it back to the groom now. Then, hold up a small bowl. Then let every one come up and place their keys into the bowl. This game will surely be the funniest event of the eve.

Game of Poker
You can plan a grand game of poker. You may use real money for bets, but it might not be liked by some of your guests. So, using poker chips would be the best option. Being thoroughly entertaining, the game of poker will surely add fun to your party.

Drinking Games
For guys, drinking comes naturally. In a bachelor's party, drink till you feel silly and downright cranky. Make sure no one is sane enough or in control. Play drinking games like making the groom or the best man drink a whole bottle in one breath. If you are heading to the club, you can dare the groom to get a lady to buy him a drink. A word of caution: Do not drive under the influence.

Checklist of Dares
Make sure you embarrass the groom by asking him absolutely unexpected questions. Make him do things that would make sure that he gets downright embarrassed and goes red on his face. If done in the right humor, it breaks the ice and brings friends closer.

Adventure Sports
You could arrange a trip to the nearest place, which is the hub of adventure sports and activities. It could be bungee jumping, river-rafting, kayaking, camping in the woods or racing. No, gambling is not adventure sports, but definitely a great option!