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Given here are tea party game ideas. Check out these fun games for tea parties.

Tea Party Games

A tea party is fun, if games are planned. After the drinks and food, one would like to pass time by indulging in some activities. Games also bring in the much needed fun quotient to a tea party. There are many fun games for tea parties that can be played by one and all, which are both interesting and fun. These games are a great way to break the ice and get comfortable. For your tea party, make sure you select a game that is a complete entertainer. Incase you are still clueless about the kind of game you should opt for your tea party, we have provided ideas that would surely be of help to you.

Tea Party Game Ideas

Dumb Charades
Want to explore the acting skills of your guest? If yes, then playing dumb charades in your tea party would be a great choice. For the game, make a few chits, each having a name of a movie, famous personality, and so on. The guests are divided into two teams. Alternatively, a person from each team needs to act so that her team can identify what is written in the chit.

Beauty Contest
Generally, a tea party is an all-girls affair. So, you can include activities that are solely for girls. You can plan a beauty contest or can go for a make over session. To top it all, you can have a hair-do session and watch how a simple make up and hair do can transform the whole look. The game is fun and also something that girls would really enjoy doing.

Board Games
How about reviving those old good days in your garden party? Believe it or not, board games would be an instant hit in a garden party. You can opt for board games such as scrabble, bingo, monopoly or even pictionary. The games are sure to be all the more fun when played with a group. Also, they would be a perfect way to go back to the memory lane.

Coin Toss
 A fun game, coin toss can be a good way to explore the kid in everyone. For this game, you need to place three cups in a triangular shape on the table. Make each of the guests' to stand at least 5 to 6 feet from the table. Turn wise, each of the guest need to toss a coin in any of the tea cups. The person with the maximum correct toss gets a reward in the end. 

Musical Chairs
In case your tea party is in an open area, musical chairs would be a great game option. For the game, you would require ample of chairs placed alternatively, in a straight line. Make sure that there is one chair less than the number of guest playing. Once you switch on the music, the guest need to go round chairs and just when the music stops sit in the nearest chair. The one without a chair is out. For the next round, take out one chair.