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Given here are ideas for a 60's theme party. This will help you to organize sixties theme party.

60's Theme Party

60's have been witnessed as the wonderful era of total Cultural Revolution where fun & carefree lifestyle was first seen. If you want to feel and live the life lived by people in 60's, then the best way is to throw a party with 60's theme. It is one of the most popular party themes and we can assure you that you and your guests will have a great time together in this party. Organizing a sixties theme party is not that tough, all it requires is creativity and nonstop imagination. Since you already have a theme, you just need to focus on the important aspects of the theme. Make a list of all the attractive things that ruled the lifestyle of people of sixties. Once you get your priorities in place, it is time to take action. Below we are giving 60's theme party ideas which are very easy and will certainly help you to arrange your party.

60's Theme Party Ideas
  • Get creative with invitations. Go for the hippy style of invitations and decorate your invitation cards with "Peace" signs and hippy beads. Use bright colors like fuchsia pink and bright orange. Use the famous slang of the sixties. You can even opt for a large and rounded letters saying - “Come, Rock the Hippie Party”.
  • Don't forget to mention the dress code that should be followed.Make it compulsory for all your guests to arrive in a hippy look, such as, wearing a headband or bandana and the long wig. Bell bottom flares, fuzzy vests, flower print shirts and frocks with bold large glasses may be added to complement the clothing style of the sixties.
  • Decorate your house with bright balloons, streamers and bead curtains. Make room for people to dance. Arrange for lots of cushions so that people can sit comfortably in groups. Try to arrange for a guitar, as it was the favorite time pass of the people during the sixties. Light incense sticks here and there to make the environment a bit smoky and relaxing.
  • Plan for games like imitations of famous personalities of the 60's. Get everyone to try the dance styles of the 60's. These include the Twist, the Watusi, the Tighten Up, etc. Get a couple of movies of the 60's and watch with your guests.
  • People in the 60's were very health conscious and loved natural food. So go in for fresh salads, brownies, cheese fondues, carrot cake, granola and vegetarian chili. At the same time, you can even have some junk food since the first fast food corner was set up during the sixties.
  • Don't forget party favors like colored peace symbols, yin yang signs, sun glasses, hippy wigs, beaded bracelets, checked hats, polka dot bandanas, Vinyl caps, etc. to make sure that this rocking party is remembered for a long time.

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