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A Hawaiian theme party is a fun occasion to be with friends. Read about ideas for Hawaii theme parties.

Hawaiian Theme Party

Throwing a Hawaiian theme party is not very tough task to do. All you need is a little imagination and preplanning. Special care should be given to decoration, clothing, food and festivities. When we think Hawaii, all that comes to mind is the warm sun, the cool waters lapping up at the shore, hula skirt girls and a lot of fun and enjoyment. The perfect ingredients for a Hawaiian theme party are sea, sun, sand and surf. But don't worry if your party venue is not near the sea, as small swimming pools can even create the mood of Hawaii. Hawaii theme parties are very simple to plan and you can virtually bring Hawaii to anywhere you live. So if you want to know more about Hawaiian theme party ideas, read on.

Hawaiian Theme Party Ideas
  • Make your invitations as colorful as possible. Go in for yellows, oranges and greens with seashore scenery. You can also place two coconut tree illustrations on the corners of the invitation.
  • Mention your theme and dress code on the invitation. Do not forget to state the time, date and venue of the party. Your invitation card should be able to give a brief idea of the party to your friends, so choose your words carefully.
  • Your decorations should be anything related to Hawaii. You can decorate the pool side area with artificial palm trees, surround it up with some sand and sprinkle some shells over the place.
  • If pool is not possible, you can decorate your house in Hawaiian theme. You can put up blue color curtains to get the feel of the sea. Your centerpiece could be an aquarium. You can also place inflatable dolphins and surf boards here and there to give the feel of the ocean.
  • Your attire could be colorful floral shirts, white shorts and comfortable flip-flops. Girls can always opt for hula skirts. Else, a colorful sarong with a string top would be just fine.
  • When guests arrive, welcome them by putting a colorful flower garland around their necks. Girls can pin up a flower right above their left/right ear and should let their hair loose to give them a typical Hawaiian looks.
  • Seafood and lots of fruit drinks and smoothies should dominate your menu. Go exotic with caviar, sushi and prawns with colorful mocktails to amuse the guests. If you can arrange for green coconuts, it would be absolutely amazing.
  • You can plan fun activities like Hawaiian dance, drum beating competitions, lei making competitions and a contest for the best dressed. Give out rewards to the winners and see to it that each one gets something different from the others.
  • As a party favor you can give miniature coconuts, refrigerator magnets, flip flops, sun glasses, anti-tan lotions, colorful leis, cocktail glasses, floral shirts, floral bandanas, etc. You can also give personalized frames for people to save these wonderful moments.
  • Click plenty of photographs and make this Hawaiian theme party unforgettable for years.

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