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Your family reunion party speech should be as special as the event. Check out our speech ideas for family reunion parties.

Family Reunion Party Speech

A family reunion is the best time to refresh the memories of those golden days, when your aunts and uncles used to be kids, rollicking over and fighting their heads off! What can be a better way to walk down the memory lane than by preparing a touching speech? Surely, you don't need a professional to prepare it for you. The speech would move everyone to tears (or at least a sniff!), even if you pen it down on your own. Preparing a family reunion speech isn't a very difficult task, since you are going to write about your own family. If you want some ideas for preparing a family reunion party speech, then go through the following lines.

Family Reunion Party Speech Ideas
  • The best people to approach for ideas for the family reunion speech are your parents and grandparents, because they would provide you with all necessary details about each and every person in your family.
  • You may also seek the help of the little ones. Send young kids to their grand parents in order to collect the required details about other members, whom you do not know much about.
  • Start by thanking everyone at the family reunion party. If you have a person amidst your gathering, someone who deserves a special mention, make sure you acknowledge him or her.
  • Include each and every member of your family in your speech, from the oldest to the youngest, so that everyone feels important and wanted. You should dedicate at least a line for them, in case you have a very large family to address.
  • Humor is essential to make a speech sound interesting. Be generous on the doses of humor you use in your speech, but be careful not to sound too sarcastic or offensive. To serve the purpose, you may add a funny quote in the beginning or in the middle of the speech and comment on it.
  • Mention all the important achievements of your family members and get everyone to applaud, when a great achievement is mentioned. The best way to do this is to make a compilation of the major milestones achieved by the individuals in your family.
  • To spice up your speech, talk about the oldest couple and the newest couple in the family and specify how they met and fell in love.
  • Try to involve all the members present in your party. Invite anyone who wants to share something memorable with everyone present and give him or her a chance to tell about a significant event in his or her family, which you might have missed out in the speech.
  • In case you are not adept at speaking on stage, then you may handover the responsibility to someone in your family. Make sure that the person is apt for delivering the speech, so that every word is full of life and fun.
  • Last, but not the least, make your speech audible and crisp. Nobody would like listening to a speech that is going on and on. Therefore, try to cut short the length of the speech wisely, if it extends beyond its time limit.

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