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Family reunion decorations should be able to take your family through nostalgic moments. Read ideas for family reunion decor here.

Family Reunion Decorations

Family reunion party is a wonderful occasion to refresh the sweet memories that you have shared with your family, be acquainted with the new entrants and the distant relatives, about whom you know very less. It is the time to celebrate the unique bond shared with your aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, siblings, grandparents and, of course, your parents. Therefore, like any other party, the venue should be decorated in a fun way, as to reflect the joyous mood of the occasion. A family reunion decor becomes simplified when the decoration moves around a theme. However, if you don't have a theme, decorating for a family reunion party is also easy. Go through the following lines and check out some decorations ideas for family reunion party.

Family Reunion Decoration Ideas
  • Make a life size cardboard cut-out of a tree. It should be at least 6 feet tall with a number of branches. Make separate cut-outs of some more branches with plenty of leaves. The idea is to give each of your guests a leaf cut out, tell them to write down his/her details including name, place and date of birth, on it and paste it on the tree. The cut-out, thus formed, can be used as the center of attraction of the venue.
  • Place a big banner at the entrance of the room with a message written on it in bold letters. It could be something simple like "Family Reunion". You may complement the message with a funny slogan regarding family reunion.
  • Decorate your venue with beautiful balloons and streamers. Hang bunches of balloons (assorted in colors) at strategic locations, such as aside the banner in the entranceway, at the corners of the family tree (that is positioned at the center of the venue). You can also spread blue and white colored balloons at the floor of the venue.
  • Photographs are always treasure troves of fond memories and everyone will recollect an anecdote they remember, when they look at the photographs. It is a great way to get to know each other and bring everyone closer. Therefore, place old photographs of your family members at strategic locations. Another idea is to make a collage of old family photographs and make a centerpiece out of it.
  • As far as the table decorations are concerned, you may arrange beautiful centerpiece, say, a fruit basket or flower vase, on the tables.
  • In order to spread the aroma of the freshness of flowers, decorate the party venue with fresh cut bouquets of flowers. The best bet would be white daisies, roses, chrysanthemum and carnations.
  • You may also use pictures from the previous family reunion party as the decorative items for this time. This will not only refresh the memories of the previous occasion, but also serve as a decoration that will attract the attention of the people, who have turned up this time.

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