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Given here are ideas for engagement party favors. So check out these unique party favours for an engagement.

Engagement Party Favor

Favors play an important part in any party, because they directly convey the thankfulness of the host to the guests. Moreover, these small gifts remind the invitees of the wonderful time they had spent in the party. When it comes to engagement party, favors become all the more important, because they are nice gestures to celebrate the engaged couple's commitment. If you are hosting an engagement party, then you would have to purchase favors that would be appropriate to make the occasion a memorable one. Given below are engagement party favor ideas that will help you decide what to buy and what will be suitable for the occasion.

Engagement Party favor Ideas
  • A decorative tag or sticker with the wedding date can be a nice way to announce the special day of the engaged couple, to your guests. You may attach it to a small decorative candle.
  • A gift box filled with chocolates and candy could allure any guest. If you want to be a bit economical, make your own gift box at home and then fill it with an assortment of chocolates.
  • You may present scented soaps to the individuals. Scented soaps are available for a variety of shapes, aroma and color. Heart shaped scented soaps would be the best bet for the occasion, because the gift will convey the unity of two souls (the engaged couple).
  • Personalized engagement mint boxes are a nice way to convey the freshness of the newly started relationship of the engaged couple. Gift-wrap the mint boxes using colorful cellophane paper. To give the finishing touch, attach a satin ribbon to each box.
  • Cap has always found place in the list of party favors. For the engagement party, you may present your guests caps with a personal message. The message could be a slogan about engagement or simply the name of the newly engaged couple.
  • Refrigerator magnets in cute shapes, like rings, fruits, cartoon characters and photo of the couple can be a nice party favor. They are some of best party favors that are inexpensive as well as attractive.
  • Name of the engaged couple engraved on a ceramic plaque can be a nice favor. The gift will not only remind the guests of the special occasion, but also a nice way to make the couple feel special about them.
  • Your guests might have received bookmarks as party favors for many times. Therefore, you should try to add the element of novelty to the favor. The best way is to make homemade bookmarks or purchase metallic bookmarks in cute shapes.
  • Engagement rings key chains are good options for the party. You may present your guests key chains that are attached to an imitation engagement ring, to remind that they have graced an important occasion in the life of a couple.
  • Candle holders are available for innumerable sizes, shapes and material. Since you are giving favors to your guests, you may purchase the candle holders that are not very expensive, at the same time, look attractive and are durable. Wrought iron or bronze candle holder can be the best bet.

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