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Go through our engagement party speech ideas for that perfect engagement party toast. Check out engagement party speech.

Engagement Party Speech

The very thought of giving a speech in front of an audience can give you sleepless nights. Some people are born orators, while others start shivering the moment they are asked to speak in public. However, when it comes to a moment as special as an engagement party, the orator, mostly the bride's father, is required to give an attractive speech, to honor the his daughter and the groom. Difficult though, you will be able to deliver a fine speech, in case you keep certain things in mind. If you are still confused, then check out the engagement party speech ideas given below, which will ensure you don't end up feeling embarrassed and come out with that perfect engagement party toast.

Engagement Party Speech Ideas
  • Before starting the speech, thank all those who have marked their presence, to grace the occasion. It is better to address personally, so that everyone at the party is shown the attention that he/she deserves. Pass a glance at every body present there, to show that you are addressing everyone in the party. If someone has come from a long way or someone who is very old, yet took the pains to join the celebration, be sure to announce their name during the speech.
  • After greeting and thanking the guests, you may now start your speech. For an attractive opening, you may start with a funny quotation regarding the commitment of marriage. A nice quotation about a father-daughter relationship can also serve the purpose. You can get numerous quotes for both the cases, in the Internet. Thereafter, develop the speech revolving around the quote.
  • As you proceed towards the main content, bring in some anecdotes. You may recall the most memorable moments in your daughter's life. Start with your daughter's childhood, proceed to teenage, college years and then finally come to the present situation.
  • You can include any specific incident that is fondly remembered by the family of the bride. Ensure that the hilarious incident you quote carries good humor, at the same time, doesn't embarrass anyone present there.
  • After you are done with narrating interesting stories about your daughter, it is the time to address the groom's family. Tell them that you are looking forward to the day when your precious daughter marries him and begins a new life.
  • The engagement party speech should not be very lengthy. Agreed, you cannot sum up the heartfelt feelings for your daughter and your happiness for her being engaged. However, if you go on narrating anecdotes and praises of the couple, the guests would feel bored and in the worst case, walk out! Therefore, ensure that the speech you prepare is short and crisp.

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