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Given here are ideas for tea party planning. Check out how to plan a tea party.

Tea Party Planning

One of the most enjoyable and elegant parties, is of course a tea party. Having endless conversations with friends over a cup of hot tea and yummy snacks is something that everyone loves doing. Nothing can beat the combination of a refreshing drink and the spicy conversation. However, before throwing a tea party, most of us think about how to plan one. Though a tea party does not require a grand look, it definitely should be one that provides utmost relaxation and repose. To know more about how to throw a perfect tea party, read through the tea party planning ideas, given below.

Tea Party Planning Ideas

Time, Date & Venue
For a party to take place, you need to first finalize the three important things - time, date and venue of the party. Make sure the date you finalize is suitable to you as well as your guests. It is best if you plan this over the weekend, as most tea parties take place in the afternoon or early evening.

Select your invitation cards and send them as soon as possible. Your invitation must include the date, time and venue and also your contact details. It should also mention the theme, dress code, etc. if you have any. Be creative with the invite.

The ideal option would be to decorate, according to the theme of the tea party. Else, you can opt for one color and carry out the decoration accordingly. You may also choose a combination of two colors and dress up the place. Make sure you opt for elegant decorations like silverware, flower vases, antique candle stands, etc.

Music plays a dominant role in any party and adds the much-needed pace to the party. For a relaxed ambience, soft and mellow music are the best bet. However, if you are planning the tea party to be a much more energized one, fast music playing the background is the key

Your menu should be light yet filling. You can choose for a variety of finger foods and snack dishes. You can also go in for different flavors of tea. If you are planning something exotic, make sure no one has food allergy. Cakes, pastries, donuts, etc. are a must.

Make sure you plan some fun activities and games for your guests. Apart from helping you feel relaxed, it would also make the party an enjoyable one. There are many different games and activities you can choose from. Make sure you know the interests of your guests, when you plan these activities. Your main motive is to enjoy and have loads of fun.

Though the party would get over in a few hours, the memories of it can last for months after. If you are wondering how, favor is the answer. Gift each of your guests' party favor that would always remind them of the wonderful party they had attended. You can either go for scented votives, floating candles, fresh or silk flowers, and so on.