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We bring you unique and personalized housewarming gift ideas to give to your friends and loved ones for house warming.

Housewarming Party Gift

Perhaps, the one kind of gift that need not be gift-wrapped is a housewarming gift. Moving into an entirely new home is a very special occasion and the best way to congratulate the proud owners is by giving them a house warming gift. The first and the foremost thing would be to decide the budget and the kind of relation you share with the person to whom you will be gifting the housewarming gift. Your closeness with the person would also be a determining factor for the kind of gift you get.

If it is immediate family like sister, brother or parents, you could go for a bit extravagant gift. Make sure you give something that is useful in a household. However, if it is your friend's housewarming party, decide how close you are to him/her. Gift something worthwhile and useful if it is a very close friend. If it is a colleague, go for something that is formal and not too expensive. In case, you are confused about gift options and are looking for housewarming gift ideas, rest assured, as you have come to the right place. In the following lines, we have provided some unique housewarming gift ideas

Housewarming Party Gift Ideas
  • Electrical appliances are one of the most popular gift items, when it comes to gift options for a house warming party. This way you would be accentuating the new home of the person. You can either go for expensive devices such as microwave, washing machine or ones that are low priced such as pop-up toasters, steam iron, and so on.
  • How about a decorative wall clock? Sounds great!! Since the couple or family has just shifted, they would obviously run short of decorative items. A wall clock would be a great way of enhancing the wall as well as act as a utility product.
  • While the family would have invested a lot of money on the furnishings, small furniture, such as coffee table or bar stools often are unthought-of.
  • You can never go wrong with a nice paintings and wall hangings as a house warming party gift. These would be a perfect way to embellish the look of the new home.
  • Upholstery items, such as, curtains, cushions, table covers, and so on, make good gift options if you are attending a house warming party.
  • An everlasting gift option is a gift basket filled with eatables such as an assortment of cookies, truffles, cup-cakes, and so on. Make sure they are neatly arranged in a gift basket.
  • These days, Feng Shui home decorative showpieces like bells, chimes and good-luck charms are much in vogue. Gift the proud owners a nice artistic piece, so as to bring in fortuity to their new lodging.
  • If the person throwing the housewarming party is just an acquaintance, you can go for a beautiful vase or an antique candle stand made in wrought iron, copper or brass. Though inexpensive, these qualify as a good gift option for a housewarming party.
  • A stylish CD rack would be an ideal gift, if the person shifting base is a music lover. He/she is sure to have a large collection of CDs and DVDs. So, a CD rack would be immensely useful for the person.
  • If the person is fond of antique items, an antique showpiece would be a great idea, when it comes to gift options. You have innumerable options when it comes to antique gift options.

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