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100th birthday party is a very special occasion in one's life. Read ideas for Hundredth birthday party celebration.

100th Birthday Party

Nothing is more special than a 100th birthday party. The person has managed to knock out a century and is still going strong! He/she has been around during the happiest and the saddest times and has seen his/her second and third generation. On 100th birthday, he/she definitely becomes the center of attraction in the family. Celebrating a 100th birthday party can be as huge as a festive occasion. In case, there is someone in your family, who is just a few days short of being a centenarian, the best bet would be to surprise him/her with a grand party. If you are looking for ideas for 100th birthday party for that special person, look no further. Just relax and read on to get some ideas about hundredth birthday party celebration.

100th Birthday Party Ideas
  • Planning plays a crucial role in celebrating someone's birthday and when it's the 100th birthday, it becomes even more important. You need to make sure that every arrangement is done beforehand.
  • Booking the party place is the foremost important thing that you need to do before throwing a party. For a 100th birthday party, rent a garden or any large space, such as a hall, as it is a big event. You will be inviting numerous people, which includes first, second and third generation relatives, friends and other family members.
  • Sending invites is another important consideration to make. You can either go for the traditional handmade card or use the latest technology, such as emails, e-cards, or printable cards. Make sure that the invites are send much in advance so that no one can make an excuse for absenting from the mega event.
  • Once the booking has been made and invitation cards have been sent, decoration is the next step ahead. Decorate your venue with anything that is related to 100. You could have 100 balloons, 100 roses, 100 candles (with the fire extinguisher ready!) and any other thing that you can think of.
  • In case, you are planning the party around a particular theme, make sure that everything reflects the chosen theme. Right from the decoration, to the favors given and the attires worn by everyone sync with the theme.   
  • Plan an honorable speech and make sure you toast the "Guest of Honor". You can get the youngest and the second oldest member of the family to share something memorable about the centenarian.
  • If the party is a surprise, make sure that everything you do is kept confidential. Inform the guests about the element of surprise, so that no one leaks out the information to the "Guest of Honor". 
  • As for the food and beverages in the party, the best bet would be to select a menu that is according to his/her liking. From appetizers to dessert, surprise the centenarian with a buffet filled with his/her favorite indulgences. You can also make the food go in sync with the party theme. Arrange lots of finger food and keep a vast variety of drinks and beverages.
  • As for the music, arrange for the player and the CDs in advance. You can either play the centenarian favorite music or go for songs that sync with the theme.
  • Lastly, freeze in time all those memorable moments of the special day in your camera and make sure you frame them to remind people of this grand event.

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