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Wondering how to plan a first birthday? Check out our 1st birthday party ideas.

1st Birthday Party

Celebrating the 1st birthday of a baby is a very special moment for parents. The adorable little bundle of joy would be turning one year old in a few weeks. From a helpless infant to a naughty toddler, babies tend to grow up very fast, much to the surprise of parents! Before you know it, they are off to school and amuse you with their newly acquired knowledge. The excitement and anticipation that is experienced cannot be expressed in words. In case you are one of those parents who are wondering how to plan first birthday for your baby, read further for 1st birthday party ideas.

1st Birthday Party Ideas
  • Ideally, planning for a kid's first birthday should start weeks before the occasion is due to take place. This way you would be able to enjoy the party as well.
  • Appoint 2 to 3 people and assign them different tasks. If you are thinking of doing all the work single-handedly, it is a bad idea. It would definitely be very difficult to manage the kid as well as look at arrangement of the party.    
  • Decide whom all are you going to invite. Since it is the first big celebration after the baby's birth, it is surely going to be a much-awaited event. Invite your closest relatives and friends.
  • Keep the party short, as little kids tend to get cranky and sleepy very soon. Don't plan the event for more than 2 hours.
  • Invite all the important adults of your family, as they too form an integral part in the baby's life.
  • The decoration of the party place should be one that radiates a lot of energy and liveliness. You can hang large number of "1" cut from brightly colored paper from the walls, stick some of your favorite photos of the birthday kid and have a lot of stuffed animals. A banner saying, "Happy 1st Birthday" is a must have when it comes to party decoration. You can also arrange for a plain poster that would be especially meant for guests to sign and add their best wishes.
  • Arrange for party favors for guests that speak of your birthday theme. You can give cute baby shaped magnets, baby socks, beach balls, blowing bubbles, picture book, finger puppets, and so on.
  • For food, the best bet would be to include lots of finger foods for your party. Also check your guests for any sort of food allergy before you serve anything to eat.
  • Just relax and take it easy. With babies around, nothing is predictable. Keep your cool and enjoy as much as you can. Your guests won't mind that occasional screaming and crying. Instead, who knows they might find it extremely cute!!

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