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50th birthday party truly requires a special celebration. Check out some ideas to make your fiftieth birthday party a hit.

50th Birthday Party

One of the most important and memorable milestones in life is the 50th birthday. It is that time in life, when you can proudly look back upon your struggles and feel satisfied that the toughest years of your life have been better than worse. You have lived half a century and seen and done things that you have always wanted to do. Yet, somehow you feel that there are a lot of things that are still left pending and you feel like living all over again. The best way to start this phase of life is by throwing a 50th birthday party. With most of your dreams and wishes fulfilled, you feel like leading a pleasurable life and do things that are your genuine passions and hobbies. If you are looking for fiftieth birthday celebration ideas, browse through the following lines.

50th Birthday Party Ideas
  • Firstly, it is very important to plan the 50th birthday bash much in advance. Right from invitation cards to what favors need be given, every thing should to be dealt prior to the celebration. 
  • Invitations are one of the important considerations to make, when it comes to a 50th birthday party. You can either go for the traditional handmade card option or invites using the latest technology, such as, e-cards and printable ones.
  • Invite your friends, who have been around since your youngest years. It is always amazing to have your childhood chums around for milestone birthdays.
  • Select a theme that will take everyone through nostalgic moments down the memory lane. Select photographs that remind you of special moments in your life. Make a collage and keep it as a centerpiece in the party.
  • Ask your guests to bring any interesting story regarding the "star" of the day. You will be surprised to see the things that people tend to remember even years after it has occurred.
  • Since it is the 50th birthday celebration, decoration done should feature around golden theme. Balloons, streamers, nets and flowers are some of the most popularly used birthday party decorative items.
  • For the centerpiece, an ideal option would be to keep 50 roses in a beautiful crystal vase. A beautiful keepsake denoting 50 years also proves to be an excellent option.
  • As for the cake, order a huge one if you have invited many guests. Make sure you light 50 candles on it, unless of course you can't blow out all of them together! The idea is to highlight the 50th year.
  • No party is complete without food.  When it comes to food options, the choices are endless. However, the best bet would be to go for finger foods. These are easier to manage and serve as a great option.
  • Favors are quintessential element of every party, so how can you miss them on a 50th birthday party celebration. For a 50th birthday party, you can explore a variety of options, such as, cocktail shakers, keepsakes, coffee mugs, golden vase, artificial flowers, scented votives in golden color, personalized t-shirt, and so on. 
  • Lastly, just chill and enjoy the party, because that's what parties are meant for.

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