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Retirement party themes add to the fun and excitement of the party. Check out these retirement party theme ideas.

Retirement Party Themes

Retirement party comes across as a great way of celebrating the withdrawal of a person from an active professional life as well as his entry into a much more relaxed lifestyle, where he enjoys the fruits of his hard work. If you are planning for a retirement party and want to do something different, which would please the retiree as well as other guests, a theme party might be the best idea. What you have to do is come up with a unique and exciting theme, which will make the retirement party all the more happening.

A theme also helps make the whole concept of retirement party much simpler. This way, the arrangements for the party becomes streamlined and one does not have to worry about various aspects individually. Remember, retirement party moments will stay in your memories all through your life. So, select a theme that would make them pleasurable. It is very easy to decide a theme for your party. You can pick up any color, a combination of colors, animal, lifestyle, past era or even a movie for the same. You can also get some retirement party theme ideas in the lines below.

Retirement Party Theme Ideas

Tropical Paradise
How about giving the retiree a taste of Hawaiian Luau? Sounds great!! Design the party place around the theme, with inflatable dolphins, surf boards, shells and blue color curtains, to get a feel of the sea. The centerpiece of the party area can be an aquarium. While seafood, lots of fruit drinks and smoothies dominate the menu list, Hawaiian dance and drum beating competitions can be the ideal activity options. Top it all with colorful floral print shirts, burmudas/wrap-around skirts and comfortable flip flops, as the dress code.

Sandy Beach
In case the retiree loves beach fun and is a surfside adventurer, make sure you provide him/her with a party that revolves around the same. A beach themed party decor mainly comprises of paper cutouts of clouds, fake surfboards, sandy shore, and so on. Add to the mood by making a fake bonfire. Give the table a look of a Kiosk, with cocktails dressed in umbrellas and bendy straws and shrimp and chicken skewers adorning it.

Casino Night
Let the glory of Las Vegas/Monaco strike your party place. A casino-themed party can be ultimate fun for the retiree and would serve as a perfect way to bid him/her adieu from professional life!! While red, black and, especially, green dominate the party decoration, make sure you have loads of fake money, chips and cards for the games. The lighting should be a dim, with a few string twinkle lights hanging down. It is sure to be great fun for the retiree. Do not forget to install some fun casino games as well!!

If it's all about bringing glitz and glamour, Hollywood theme is the ideal option to explore. The retiree should be honored with the "Guest of Honor" tag for the party. Make sure that you pen the theme and the dress code in the invitation card. The food chosen must be named after famous movies. The decoration should exude class and elegance. Use a lot of scented votives and flower bunches and do not forget the red carpet!!

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