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Given here are ideas for office party themes. Read about unique themes for office parties.

Office Party Themes

Office party is a great way to rejuvenate and rejoice with colleagues and friends. They also give us an opportunity to have a better understanding of our social group. It is a general fact that office party themes are subdued and not too loud or gaudy. Usually, the themes are centered on anything that is new and happening - it could be anything related to business, entertainment, sports and movies. Remember, a theme should be such that everything, right from decoration, food, favors to games, should revolve around it. Since most office parties involve senior members of the organization, the theme chosen should be such that it should not really offend them or make them feel out of place. Read on to know more about unique themes for office parties.

Unique Themes For Office Party

80's Theme
One of the most popular themes, the electric 80's continues to amuse people all over. Everyone attending the party should be dressed up in a way people used to do in the eighties. Your attire can include elaborate hairstyles, perms, Madonna inspired wigs and Miami Vice inspired dresses. The music can be from Duran Duran, which was very popular during the eighties. Make sure that the decor also reflects the theme.

Famous Sports
Another popular office party theme idea is the famous 'sports personality theme'. Inform every one to come dressed, as their favorite sports figure and if possible, speak in his/her accent. You can also bring props like basketballs, tennis racquets, etc. Introducing yourself, as the sports figure you are imitating can be a very good ice breaker in an office party.

Eminent Singers
You can choose the theme of eminent singers for your office party. You could be dressed like a rock star, hip-hop artist or even the latest teen sensation. Make sure you know the popular songs of the artist you dressing up as. You can even give a stage performance with a karaoke machine!

Festive Theme
In case your party is being held during the festive season like Christmas or New Year, you can also choose the theme according to the festival in question. You can opt for a Christmas theme to usher in the yuletide spirit or you could choose any other festive theme for your party. It is fun and also doubles up as a celebration of an auspicious moment.

Retro Party Theme
How about a retro party theme for your office party? With the go-go glasses, the mini skirts and the bell-bottoms, the party is sure to be a delight for everyone. Of course, you can spice up the look by teeming a perfect hair-dos and make-up. Put on the music and get up of the mod era or the hippies' era. It is sure make every one groove to the rhythm.