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Given here is information on unique cocktail party favors. Check out ideas for cocktail party favors.

Cocktail Party Favors

Cocktail parties are great fun and one of the most elegant to chill out with colleagues and friends, in a relaxed atmosphere. The best way to amuse your guests and make sure that they depart happily is to present them favors, when the party culminates. Party favors are great keepsakes and best ways to remind them of the mind-blowing party, for years to come. Cocktail party favors are sure to bring a smile on the faces of your guests, when they receive one. Check out our compilation of some unique cocktail party favors in the following lines.

Wine Glass Charms
A nice way to make your guests remember the cocktail party is to present cute wine glass charms. The decorative charms, placed underneath the glass, are nice way to adorn the wine glass. Crystal wine glass charms would be the best bet.

Cocktail Shakers
A cocktail shaker would be the best bet for those, who like to experiment with juices and beverages to make cocktails at home. Choose some colorful cocktail shakers, gift-wrap them and give them your guests at the end of the party.

Martini Glasses
Martini glasses can serve as a good cocktail party favor, to be cherished for a long time. Every time your guest sips cocktail, he/she will remember you as well as the party. Ensure that the martini glasses are neatly packed, so that they do not break.

Wine Glass Candle
Wine glass candle is a nice gift to bestow upon your guests for gracing the cocktail party with their presence. The candle wax, filled inside the wine glass, is available in a variety of colors, the most common colors being red wine and green.

Gin Bottles
You may present 60 ml gin bottles to your guests, as the party culminates. It is a nice way to refresh the memories of the cocktail party. They would be delighted to sip gin back home, after spending time in the ravishing party.

Bottle Opener Key Chains
The dual purpose of bottle opener key chains makes them one of the most useful party favors. You can find a wide variety of key chains with bottle openers attached to them. The small gift will be of great use for your cocktail party guests.

Jute Wine Tote
Jute wine tote would bring in a lot of appreciation for you, if you give them to your guests at the end of the cocktail party. People, especially the frequently traveling lot, would want their wine bottles to be carried safely. The environment-friendly jute is a good material to choose for the tote.

Cocktail Party Napkins
Party napkins can serves as a good favor for your guests. Purchase colorful napkins and assign four napkins for each of your guests. It is the best way to extend your gratitude to your guests for attending the party.