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A bridal shower party becomes even more fun with a unique theme. Check out bridal shower party theme ideas.

Bridal Shower Party Theme

Believe it or not - the excitement of a bridal shower party is doubled when you have a certain theme. These themes can be really enjoyable, especially, when they involve a make-over or a costume change and also make your party one that is remembered for a long time to come, both by you, your friends and especially the to-be-bride. However, remember for a themed party, everything you do needs to revolve around the particular theme. Right from invitation to favor, all the aspects of the party should reflect the theme. In case you are thinking about unique bridal shower themes, look no further. In the following lines, we have provided bridal shower party theme ideas that are sure to make your party a special one.

Bridal Shower Party Theme Ideas

Recipe Party Theme
Each guest is supposed to bring a dish prepared from home and get the recipe and instructions printed on a paper. The guest should get a gift that is complimentary to the dish she prepares. For instance, if the guest has prepared pasta, a stylish fork set or spoon-fork combination could be brought along. This way, your lunch is ready and you really don't have to rack your brains over what to gift the new bride.

Stock the Bar
Ask the guests to bring anything related to the bar. It could be a bottle of liquor, classic wine, cocktail shaker, different styles of glasses, ice bucket, etc. You can serve the drinks they bring and inaugurate their gifts there and then. As for the favor, you can get each guest a personalized shot glass or personalized martini glass. The best bet would be to hold the shower at the bride's favorite restro-cum-bar.

Pajama Party
If you are planning to have a bridal shower in the evening, you could keep the pajama party theme. Ask the guests to come in their cutest pajamas and get a gift related to this theme. For instance, one could bring satin pillow covers, a stylish satin pajama set for the bride, bed covers, etc. As for the favors, you can give each guest a fun party favor such as personalized spa slippers, personalized toiletry bags or monogrammed cosmetic cases.

Ethnic Theme
Ethnic or traditional theme is one of the most popular bridal shower party themes. For this, you need to use the bride's heritage and culture as a reference point. Right from the decoration, invitation, to favor and food, everything should be planned in a way that they reflect the theme of the party. Additionally, you can also have dress code that would definitely add to the charm and appeal of a bridal shower party.

Garden Theme
How about a bridal shower party with a garden theme? Sounds great!! Since it is impossible to create a garden in the indoors, the best bet would be throw the party in the garden. With fresh green grass and strikingly beautiful flowers around, the party is truly going to delight the senses of the visitors as well as the new bride. Decorate the tables with fresh flowers or potted mint plants. Lastly, for the favor, you can give each guest a box filled with seeds to plant in their own gardens!!

Month of the Year
What if your bridal shower lasts throughout the year? This can be possible if you plan it around the theme of Month of the Year. According to this theme, you need to assign each a guest a month of the year. He/she, then, has to bring a gift that corresponds to the month mentioned in the invitation card. With a Month of the Year shower concept, the bride receives gifts that she can use throughout the year. This way you can also personalize the invitation card by designing it according to the month.