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Check out our list of the top destinations for bachelor's party and decide your bachelor party location.

Bachelor Party Destinations

Your friend is all set to enter his new life and being his close friend, your task is to find the perfect place to end his single days. But it can't be just any place. It's got to be good. Just make his last night as a single man a tribute to the life he's led up till now. For doing so, you must be looking for the trendiest bachelor's party destinations. We bring you a list of the world's popular bachelor's party locations. Rest assured, you will have the best time of your life and it will keep you craving for more. So, go through our collection of top bachelor party destinations and make your friend's last stint of freedom unforgettable.

Top 10 Destinations For Bachelor's Party

Las Vegas (Nevada)
What better place to celebrate the last day of "Freedom" than the Sin City itself! This paradise of debauchery is the top destination for your bachelor's party. Booze, babes, blinding lights and blaring music - in short, sinful enjoyment! Do I need to say more?

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
It is one of the best places to celebrate your last day of bachelorhood; Mexico has one of the best clubs and hangouts where you can party away all night! Make sure you visit the Medano Beach and enjoy the sun and the sand at day time.

Chicago (Illinois)
Chicago is one of the few places that have some of the best nightclubs and pubs. The variety that you get over here will actually confuse you and have you clueless as where to go, as each club will seem to be better than the previous one!

Manhattan (New York)
A bachelor's party in the Big Apple would be awesomely rocking. Some of the best clubs, bars and restaurants at your disposal - New York knows how to entertain.

Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
Undoubtedly one of the best bachelor party locations in the world, Montreal is known for its bars and pubs and amazing nightlife. The place has joints that host bachelor parties and is one of the few places that have a whole plethora of nightclubs.

New Orleans (Louisiana)
A visit to the New Orleans will be a fun tour for the groom and it is must to experience Mardi Gras at least once in life. You will have plenty of choices to rent out - private restaurants, lounges, and celebrate till you can celebrate no more!

Scottsdale (Arizona)
One of the few places that have over 200 golf courses, Scottsdale Arizona is the place to enjoy in style and panache. Downtown Arizona is known for its happening bars and pubs.

South Beach (Florida)
Florida is the place famous for its best beaches and babes. The city has some of the trendiest nightclubs that will make you wish the night never ends!

Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
What could be better than bumping into a Hollywood celebrity while celebrating the last day of your bachelorhood! Yes, if you are looking for glamour, Vancouver clubs are the place to be.

Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Whistler in British Columbia is the best choice if you want to enjoy snow and skiing. The place is renowned for its ski slopes and must be tried out for its exotic locales. The bars located in Whistler guarantee a hangover!