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Check out our tips and ideas for planning a baby shower party that will tell you how to plan baby shower.

Baby Shower Party Planning

A baby shower party is the perfect occasion to spend a relaxing time with family and close friends. On the day, the expectant mom is "showered" with loads of advice and counseling about how to deal with child and other issues related to parenting. Planning the perfect baby shower for the mom-to-be is a bit tiring, with excitement and tension arising as the D-Day approaches closer. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. The party can be easily planned. Go through the article and explore some ideas for planning a baby shower party.

Baby Shower Party Planning Ideas

Choose The Date
While picking a date for baby shower party may seem to be very easy, it actually needs some thought. Choosing a date too close to the expectant mother's delivery date is not wise. This is because it may prove to be a bit troublesome for her, to join the celebrations that are scheduled just before her 'due date'. Therefore, it is suggested to organize the baby shower 4-6 weeks before the delivery date.

Most of the baby showers are held at the expectant mother's home. However, you can also pick a banquet or nearby community hall to organize the party, in case the celebrations are not just limited to her family and close circle of friends and relatives. On the other hand, if you are organizing the party at her home, then ensure that the place is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests quite comfortably.

Budget is a decisive factor for all the celebrations, including baby shower party. Make up your mind as to how much you are going to spend, depending upon whether you are going to throw an extravagant party or a simple get-together. Your decision of financing for the party will influence the quality as well as the quantity of the decorations, food and drink, entertainment and favors for the baby shower party.

After deciding the date, venue and formulating the budget, it is the time to announce your baby shower party. Send invitations to your guests at least 3 weeks before the party is scheduled, so that they get ample time to decide their schedule for the day. If in doubt, call up personally and ask if your guests would be coming or not.

You may choose any theme that reflects the baby charm, for the party. If you haven't decided any theme for the party, then you may make use of the basic decorative items that feature in most of the parties, including balloons, streamers and satin ribbons. Apart from these, you may make use of items related to baby, including diaper cake, baby stroller, feeding bottle, for the decorations.

Food And Drink
You may decide the menu depending upon at what time the party will take place. While appetizers and cake are inevitable for a baby shower party, you may bring in variations to the menu by choosing the dishes to be served on the party. Ensure that you order the cake beforehand and get the delivery a night before the party. You may provide two to three choices of alcoholic drinks, although soft drinks are generally chosen for baby shower party.

You may call upon a local singer or dancer, to amuse your guests by delivering a scintillating performance at the baby shower party. If you want a serene atmosphere for the venue, play a soothing background music. You may organize baby shower games as well. Photo sessions with the expectant mother would generate interest in the guest.

Items such as chocolate boxes, custom t-shirt, disposable camera, antique keepsakes and showpieces can serve as nice favors for the baby shower party. Be sure to purchase the favors well before the date of the party. Gift-wrap the favors attractively and send them to your guests, at the end of the party.