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Here are unique ideas for your baby shower party games that are sure to rock your party. Read about baby shower fun games.

Baby Shower Party Games

Baby shower party games are the best way to spread cheer and happiness all around. The expectant mother will have the party of a lifetime that will make her feel extremely special and prepare herself assuming the position of a mom. It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the glad news that the parents-to-be would receive in the near future, about the birth of their baby. Like any other festival, baby shower also demands celebration. The best way to celebrate the occasion is to throw a party; and when it comes to party, games get a prominent position in boosting up the spirits of every body present at the gathering. In this article, we bring you baby shower party game ideas that are sure to rock your party.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Names
This is a fun game wherein the players sit in a circle and write down as many baby names as they can. Give one alphabet at a time and keep a time limit, say, one and a half minutes. The person with the maximum number of names gets a small prize!

Guess The Baby
Ask each of your guests to bring their childhood photographs with them. Collect all of them and pin them up on a board. Ask everyone to guess who the baby is. The person who gets the maximum number of right answers is the winner.

Baby Pictionary
It is played like normal pictionary except for the fact that in baby pictionary, the illustrations are the words that pertain to baby, sometimes pregnancy and parenting as well. You may include words such as rattlers, the first tooth, pacifiers, milk bottle, morning sickness, midnight feeding etc, in the pictionary.

Baby Animals
Make a list of mammals and their babies. Ask each guest to guess the name of a baby animal. For instance, you ask them to name what young one of a kangaroo is called and they guess. The person with maximum number of right answers is declared as the winner.

Baby Charades
Baby charades is a fun game to play in the party. It is easy as well as requires no extra materials. Like the traditional charades, the players of baby charades have to enact the word, without spelling it, with their fingers or point towards any object (related to the name) available in the room. The only difference between the traditional and baby charades is that the latter includes the names related to infants and parenting.

Word Scramble
Take a print-out of fifteen to twenty baby-themed words, whose letters have been scrambled. Make copies of the print-out and distribute them to your guests. Assign a time limit for the game, say, two minutes, within which the guests have to solve their respective scrambles. The person, who solves his /her scramble, first, wins the game.

Baby Bingo
Baby bingo is played just like normal bingo, the only difference being the use of pictures of baby related items in the former. Images of storks, crib, pacifiers, bottles and other baby related items are created on bingo cards.

Pin The Pacifier
It is fun to play 'pin the pacifier', because the game involves a lot of activity. To play this game, take a print out of a cartoon baby and stick it on the wall. Now, take print outs of the pictures of different baby pacifier. Blindfold the players and provide them with double-sided tape, so that they shall stick the picture of the pacifier on the cartoon baby's mouth. The person, who precisely sticks the pacifier onto the baby's mouth, wins the prize.