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Wedding reception party is a great way to wind off after a wedding. Check out unique wedding reception ideas.

Wedding Reception Party

After tying the wedding knot, it is the time to throw an enthralling party to your well wishers. Reception party, the extended celebration of wedding, is the occasion to receive blessings and wishes of everyone, including the guests, who couldn't make it to the wedding as well as those, who were already present to witness the wedding. It is the opportunity to you and your significant half to mingle with everyone and have fun. Traditionally, the groom's family hosts a wedding reception. However, with the changing time expenses are shared with the bride's family as well. Nonetheless, as the groom, it is your responsibility not to put too much burden on your lady's family and plan the reception party well. Given below are some ideas for throwing a dazzling wedding reception party.

Wedding Reception Party Ideas

A wedding reception party can be hosted in two different ways. The first one is the organized-wedding-part-two celebrations, where the guests continue in the wedding party venue with or without added entertainment, such as DJ, song or dance performance. Another one is party at an entirely different venue. The first one is suitable for a wedding arranged in a banquet (when you are hosting the reception on the same day); while the second one is good in case, you have had a church wedding.

The best thing about planning the wedding reception party is that the etiquette is a bit relaxed for it. Unlike wedding, where you have certain rules to follow, you can extend open invitation to everyone, to come and join you, in the reception. The guest-list for the reception party can be longer than the wedding. You may invite your faraway acquaintance, relatives, colleagues and friends to the reception party. However, consider your budget while short-listing the number of guests. The invitation for the party can be economical as well. You may include the information regarding the reception party in the wedding invitation card itself.

Vary the decor of the reception party venue. If you are organizing at the same venue (for both the wedding and reception), then make some quick changes in the decorations, so that everything looks fresh. Replace the used balloons, streamers and flowers with some fresh ones. You may extend the theme of your wedding party to the reception as well, or choose a brand new theme for the latter. Be sure not to use leftover unused decorative items of wedding party!

Food And Drink
When it comes to a reception party, you are given more relaxation than the wedding, in terms of the food and drink menu. You can either reduce the number of items in the menu, or provide some add-ons. However, it is still suggested to go for something wholesome, say, a delicious dinner at the reception, rather than restricting the menu to appetizers and juices. Provide good choices for the drink. Include hard as well as soft drinks.

Hire a good DJ to provide entertainment to your wedding reception party guests. You may also hire professional singer or dancer, to entertain your invitees. Do not miss the alluring Bridal Waltz, the dance with your significant half. The dance styles vary from a ballroom waltz to tango to any free style form of dance. So, entertain yourself and your guests on the reception party!

At the end of the party, it is the time to greet your guests and say a sweet 'good-bye' as well as 'thank you', by giving them party favors. Reception party favors may include keepsakes, cufflinks, 'thank you' notes, chocolate box, gift baskets, fragrances, essential oils, photo frames, key chains with bottle openers, bags, wallets, disposable camera etc.