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Check out our ideas for unique beach party favors that will make your beach party a hit with your friends.

Beach Party Favors

Beach parties are wonderful ways to enjoy with your friends on some lazy afternoon or some beautiful night. This is a way wonderful way to unwind from the tiredness of the last overworked week. As beach parties do not require tiresome arrangement, they can also be arranged on some short notice within a very limited time frame. Beach Parties are also an interesting rendezvous with nature, so if you are tired out of artificial lights and grandeur arrangements of some Five Star rated hotel, the beach party is the best idea for refreshment. You simply need to invite all your dear ones to have a blast.

In order to make this party memorable you should always do a little effort to make sure that the arrangements right from the invitation to the favors is well appreciated and enjoyed by your guests. Your favors or return gifts of the party must be interesting ones so that they could be cherished as keepsakes. You can experiment with the favors if you have some unique ideas. With time, these party favors almost become souvenirs of good memories that always remind you of the fun and frolic you had with your friends. After all, one never knows when one will get to relive these happy days again.

Beach Party Favors Ideas

Assorted cookies in the shape of sea shells
The best gift for the beach party should be something related to the sea and what better could you get from the assorted cookies in the shape of sea shells.

Beach balls
You can also gift the beach balls that you used as a part of ambience at your party as a keepsake to the guests.

You can gift sarongs to your guests, They are loose skirt consisting of brightly colored fabric wrapped around the body; worn by both women and men at beaches in curious shapes like dolphins, flip-flops, boats, etc

Candles in the Various shapes
Candles are all time favorite favors. If you are planning to gifts candle as a favor for the beach party keep it in the shape of starfish, sea shells, conch.

Sea Shell photo frames
Sea Shell Photo frame with a photograph of the venue can also be an interesting and cherish able favor after a beach party.

Pearl in a conch shell
A pearl in a conch shell would be the most treasured favor you can gift after a beach party. This would be a lifetime keepsake for you guests.

Funky Pearl Jewelries
Pearls are loved by every body. Gift some funky pearl jewelry to your guests as the keepsake of the party.

Straw Hats
Though they are the most common beach party favors, they are also the most loved favors of any beach party. If you can't think of anything else go for Straw Hats.