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Tea party attire can be either elegant and formal or informal and comforatble. Read on to know about tea party dress ideas.

Tea Party Dress

With a tea party invitation card in hand, know for sure that it is time to take out those vintage gowns and evening dress from the trunk!! A tea party dress should be such that it oozes tons of style and elegance and is comfortable, at the same time. Usually, girls prefer a nice gown for a tea party that has a classic look. Lace and frills are the dominant features of any tea party attire. You can also combine your dress with a classic lady's hat. Make sure that whatever attire you select, it transforms your image completely from being a normal next door girl to an elegant woman. To get more ideas about tea party dress, check out the information below.

Tea Party Dress Ideas
  • Before deciding on the dress, remember, the choice of the clothing you put on should be one that is appropriate for your age, body type and size. Choosing the right color is also quintessential.
  • The foremost thing would be to consider the time of the tea party. Most of the tea party held is during the warm months of the year. So, ideally a spring dress with a cropped jacket, light sweater or shirt as a coverlet would be one of the best options for a tea party.
  • For a tea party held in the summer season, you can opt for an elegant shorts topped with an appropriate blouse and nice sling-back shoes.
  • The perfect attire for a spring season tea party is ideally a stylish well-matched suit. Since it is the blossoming season, light colors and fabrics made of linen or nice blends would be a perfect choice.
  • In case, the tea party is based on a particular theme, choose your dress accordingly. This way your search will be streamlined and you can concentrate on a particular kind of dress pattern.
  • If you don't have a theme, opt for a single or a combination of two colors. Once your colors are decided, it would be much easier to zero in on that special costume.
  • Accessorize your gown with a nice pair of earrings and a cute chain. Go in for kitten heels or slightly high heels. For very young girls, ballerina shoes would look adorable.
  • Make sure you have a hat to go with your dress. You can choose for a basic color like black, blue or contrast it with your gown.
  • You can try other accessories, such as bands, scarves or broaches. You can even dress up your jacket with a nice pin shaped in the form of a teacup or other design.
  • Next in line, comes the choice of the handbag. Make sure that the bag you chose matches your clothes and shoes. Do not get a huge bag that would come in the way or overshadow your outfit. An elegant purse or smaller sized handle-bag in a pastel color would be the best bet.
  • You can also go for a small tote to get that sophisticated look. Make sure that it gels well with your attire and enhances your personality. It should contain essential items like a handkerchief, tissues, comb, perfume, and so on.

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