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Given here are ideas on tea party decorations. Check out these tips for tea party decor.

Tea Party Decorations

Tea party gives an individual an ideal time to enjoy the bliss of a soft relaxed atmosphere. It is an occasion, when friends can indulge in some unadulterated fun, without having to worry too much about the surroundings. Remember, for a tea party, you really do not need to decorate your house with streamers and balloons. Hence, the decorations for such a party need not be too loud or dandy. In fact, it should be one that sends out the message of poise and calmness. The heart of the decoration should be on the table, with the room designed in a way that it accentuates the look, but does not overpower the table decor. So, if you are looking for tea party decoration ideas, read through the following lines.

Tea Party Decoration Ideas
  • Make sure your decoration revolves around a theme. If you don't have a theme, your decoration should have one or two basic colors. This way you don't have to really rack your brains about the final outcome as you already have a brief idea about how you want it to be.
  • Opt for a beautiful centerpiece. The best bet is a floral centerpiece. Get a bunch of fresh roses and daisies and arrange them beautifully in a crystal vase right in the middle of the table. However, make sure that they are low enough not to obstruct vision.
  • For a soft and cozy ambience, you may also use scented votives or floating candles as a centerpiece. Apart from giving the area an aesthetic feel, candles add the much needed warmth and bliss.
  • You can have a personalized banner that announces the tea party in big bold letters. You can also stick confetti that resembles teacups and teapots around the banner.
  • The lighting of the party area would mainly depend on the kind of party you want to throw. If you are planning for an open-air atmosphere, make sure you open all your drapes and turn on all your lights. However, for a soft and cozy feel, turn off your lights and use candles or have a fire in the fireplace.
  • Arrange some elegant cutlery like silverware and get a candle stand in wrought iron to add to the classic finish. Don't forget that linen tablecloth and arranging the napkins.
  • Decorate the tea tray in an elegant way. Place the cups on the saucers in a way that they don't touch the other saucers. Enough finger space should be there so as to allow the guests to firmly grip their saucer.
  • Some of the other accessories that are utmost required and also add to the decor are sugar tongs, beautifully styled cake knife, sugar and creamer matching patterned set, card holders, serving tray, and so on. Make sure that they are in sync with the pattern to match your tea set.

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