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A retirement party requires adequate amount of planning. Check out these ideas for how to plan retirement party.

Retirement Party Planning

Your friend, co-worker or family member is getting retired and you are planning to throw a retirement party in his honor, but don't know from where to start. Don't worry! We will help you in planning a special retirement party for the retiree.A retirement party is not that tough to plan. Though it may seem like a Herculean task, once you decide on a theme and budget, everything else follows smoothly. You may want to have a surprise party for the retiree, which is a very good idea. But for this, you need to know the person very well. You must know all his/her likes and dislikes, so as to include everything that will be required to make the party a pleasant surprise. Apart from that, you can also check out our retirement party planning ideas given here.

How To Plan Retirement Party
  • Choose the date of the party carefully. It should be soon after the day when the retirement is announced and preferably scheduled on a weekend. This way, all guests would be able to make it to the party easily, without having to worry about work.
  • Set a budget for yourself. If it is a surprise party for the retiree, make sure everyone contributes a certain amount, so that the pressure is not on a single person. The budget should cover all costs of decorations, invitations, food, favors and most importantly, a special gift for the retiree.
  • Select a theme around which the decoration will be focused. You can also focus your invitation cards, favors and dress code according to the theme. If you really can't think of a theme, choose a particular color that the retiree likes, as the theme and also as the dress code.
  • Make sure to send out invitation cards at least 2 weeks before the party is scheduled. This will be help everyone decide beforehand, as to how to wind off their work and attend the party.
  • Assign different duties to different people and co-ordinate accordingly. This will help in organizing the party in a much smooth way. Do not try to take everything upon yourself and end up with confusion and chaos.
  • Finish all decorations at least a day before the party. Arrange the furniture and make sure the caterer remembers to bring food for the party the next day.
  • Do make sure to arrange some music for the party. While selecting the music also, keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the retiree.
  • Make sure to arrange a back up for an outdoor party, just in case the weather plays truant. Arrange at least some space indoors, so that people might be accommodated inside without much difficulty.
  • If you want, you can also arrange favors for the guests, as a keepsake of the party. They can surround the party theme, be based on the retiree's likes or be general in nature.
  • While selecting the menu, keep in mind the likes of the retiree, along with the taste of your guests. Make sure to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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