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Given here are retirement party gift ideas. Know more about unique presents for retirement parties.

Retirement Party Gifts

If you are thinking to plan a secrete retirement party for a friend, co-worker, or family member, make sure that it suits his/her tastes and preferences perfectly. When you are arranging a party, make sure to buy some special and thoughtful gift for the retiree as well. While choosing a gift for him/her, keep his/her liking and hobbies in mind. The best idea would be to get something that will help the retiree in what he/she is going to do after his/her retirement. It will add value to the gift and will also give you great opportunity to personalize the same.If you are still confused as what to choose and what not, we bring you a list of retirement party gift ideas. These gifts are thoughtful in nature and will encourage the retired person to look forward to new beginnings.

Ideas For Retirement Party Presents
  • Personalized diary, with the initials of the retiree engraved in gold, will make one of the best gifts for the party.
  • Inspirational books, which are optimistic and full of hope, will also comprise of a good idea.
  • A cook book, with classic recipes, will be the best gift for a woman retiree, as it will give her opportunity to try her hand at new, lip smacking recipes.
  • An encouraging retirement poem, engraved on a wooden plaque, is a gift which is full of emotions.
  • You can also think of a retirement gift basket for the person who is going to be retired.
  • Golf session coupons or club/library membership is also very thoughtful gift which you can choose for a retirement party.
  • You can also choose a t-shirt with slogans, such as "I am Retired!", "Retired Not Expired" or "Gimme a Break - I'm Retired".
  • Framed retirement appreciation certificate or a giant retirement signature / autograph frame will be one of the nicest retirement party gifts.
  • A retirement pillow, with a message such as "No Hurry To Get Up", is one of the good options as a retirement gift.
  • A classic collection of soulful music is also a good choice for your friend or colleague who is going to retire.
  • "Caution! Retiree at Play" garden flag is very funny gift, which will certainly make the receiver smile.
  • Ceramic desk clock, with retirement slogans like "Whatever... I'm Retired", will also encompass a very thoughtful retirement gift.
  • Decoration items such as Retirement Mugs or Old Croaker and Old Crab Shelf Sitters can also be selected as a retirement gift.
  • While you choose presents for retirement party, make sure that it is thoughtful and of some use to the retired person, like inspiring him/her or helping him/her pass his/her time.

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