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For attaining that perfect cocktail dress, you should check out our ideas. Read on to know about cocktail party attire.

Cocktail Party Dress

A cocktail party dress should transform you from a business executive to a smart looking person, who loves to party. These days, you have many different choices of dresses to choose from. It all depends on the kind of party you are going to have. For instance, if you have received a phone call or SMS, probably the party is casual. On the other hand, if it is a formal affair, you need to be dressier. You need to check the invitation to look for terms like 'semiformal', 'casual', 'black tie party' and choose your cocktail party attire accordingly. The ideas given below are sure to help you out to look perfect and make heads turn as you strut across the room.

Cocktail Party Dress Ideas

  • For a formal cocktail party, the best bet for men would be a decent pair of black trousers and a shirt, patterned with checks or vertical stripes. Button-down shirt with khaki pants is another nice option. Pair it with dinner jackets and black (or brown) shoes, to exude the elegant look.
  • If it is an afternoon party, dresses are a bit casual and light. Choose cotton, linen and other light fabrics for an afternoon party.
  • An evening cocktail party requires you to be much more classy and dressy. You can opt for a shimmer shirt with black, blue or any other dark colored pair of formal trousers. Accessorize the attire with a black tie and a good leather belt. Shoes have to be clean and shiny. Dirty or shabby shoes are a big no-no for a cocktail party.
  • In case of a dinner cocktail party, be at your formal best. It could also be a wedding cocktail party. Stick to your formal outfit and you can never go wrong. If you have a color theme, go for it. If the attire is mentioned on the invitation, plan accordingly and wear what is stated.
  • Opt for off-shoulder dresses made of cotton or linen for an afternoon cocktail party. You may also opt for classy straight gowns or skirts of any length.
  • Printed A-line dress is appropriate for both weekend afternoon and evening party. Silk empire-waist dress with a velvet or silk shoulder wrap is the best bet for evening cocktail party.
  • The best option is to go for a knee length skirt with a dressy top. It is not necessary to choose a formal long gown for an evening cocktail party. A full-length sequined gown is not a perfect fit for a casual cocktail party. Save it for a more formal occasion. Instead, go for skirt with lengths ranging from mini to just above the ankles.
  • Accessorizing is the key to make any costume look glamorous. Opt for a nice pair of danglers, bracelet and an elegant neckpiece. Apply some make up and you are set to rock the party!

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